Things we need

NHS workers

If your place of employment regularly throws out items which have reached their usage date, please ask your managers to consider donating them to a wildlife rescue. Needles, syringes, forceps etc all cost money and donations of these can be a huge help with funds, especially when they will otherwise just go to waste.

Financial Donations

Each Hedgehog costs around £5 per week to feed and house and medications are an additional expense. All financial donations are gratefully received, a single donation or a regular commitment, everything helps and every penny goes on the animals.

You can donate safely via BT MyDonate, Charities Aid Foundation or Paypal and you no longer need a Paypal account to do so. Just click on the button in the sidebar of any page to donate.

Things Donations

As an alternative to a financial donation our little prickly people would be very grateful for items on our Amazon Wish List. These are examples but we are just as happy if you find somewhere that sells them cheaper.the hedgehogs aren't elitist.

donate here

All donations will be very gratefully accepted and, if edible, gratefully eaten