Costs to Care

The average cost to rehabilitate and release an overwintering hedgehog is £100 per animal, roughly. Given many rescues overwinter upwards of 50 hedgehogs, well, you do the math.

The table below gives a list of some of the more common things and the prices.

Issue Costs

To give life saving first aid treatment to one hedgehog


To x-ray a hedgehog's fractured leg


To administer a course of antibiotics to one hedgehog


To provide essential dental treatment for a hedgehog


To feed a hedgehog during an average 12 week stay


To wash and disinfect one hedgehog's food bowl & bedding


To buy a feeding equipment to feed orphaned mammals


To provide life saving laboratory diagnostic test results


To hand rear one baby hedgehog


To keep one hedgehog in the Hospital for the whole winter - to prevent it from hibernating (which could be dangerous if hedgehogs are underweight or injured)


To buy a specialist bed for unconscious and seriously ill patients

£15.00 upwards

To operate on an injured hedgehog

£150.00 plus

To buy one intensive care unit


The information above is based on the experience of Tiggywinkles and was current as at January 2011.