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Musings of a fraught rescue up to their armpits in poo

Thank you for all the offers. The hedgehog is being picked up as we speak. You're all stars!


Livid! Charlotte drove all the way over there and they'd given it to the RSPCA and not bothered to tell her they had phoned them. We are all turning cartwheels to help these animals and we really don't need to have our time wasted like this.

Please, if you call a rescue and the situation changes, LET THEM KNOW. At best they are sitting around waiting, at worst they are turning the place upside down getting extra cages sorted out and moving sick animals to make room for another one.
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Hedgehog BottomLivid! Charlotte drove all the way over there and they'd given it to the RSPCA and not bothered to tell her they had phoned them. We are all turning cartwheels to help these animals and we really don't need to have our time wasted like this. I'm now trying to find out where the RSPCA have taken it.11 hours ago   ·  1
Andy NewnhamCan do, we're a few miles south of Reading. where is the poor little mite going from and to?13 hours ago
Louise RichardsI can't drive as post op, but can take it in overnight if it helps? have heat source etc as keep APH. Vet would be better though.13 hours ago
Yvonne LindsayI can go if you need someone. I'm Camberley x12 hours ago   ·  2
Charlotte Elizabeth AndersonWhat's the address and where do you need it to go? X13 hours ago   ·  1
Sarah Louise ChambersThe vets usually put them to sleep12 hours ago   ·  1
Jane Mitchellcan u pick it up and get to the nearest vetanry surgeons by they should treat wild for free13 hours ago
Sharon MatthewsI can!, I'm between you and Reading12 hours ago
Paddy DavisPlease let us know what happened to the poor hedgehog...9 hours ago
Kerri HirstShared13 hours ago

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Emma from Kingsclere.

Re your hog with the thick ear.

Well yes, it was thick, it was rock hard, black, still had hair on it, no sign of fungus or mites.

I tried all the usual suspects and nothing changed. It didn't get any thinner, it didn't change colour. So yesterday I decided to see if I could remove any of the thick stuff to see what was going on underneath. Got a pair of tweezers and grabbed the top of the ear, gently pulled upwards and it came off. (Not the ear, the thick stuff)

(Embarrassed cough) 😳, it was poo! It had completely covered the front and back of the ear, it was completely smooth and it had been there some considerable time as the hair had grown through it.

She now has a beautifully pink normal shaped ear.

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Emma Robinson😂😂 Thank you for looking after her Gill & trust it to be me!!! Speak to you on Monday 🙄🙄2 days ago   ·  3
Sandra SimpsonI am convinced that they do handstands whilst pooing in order to leave their little gifts so high up the sides of the cage. Perhaps gravity intervened causing it to land on the ear lol.2 days ago   ·  1
Mary PopeWow ! Wonder how the hog managed to do that ?? I know they are messy little critters, but even so !!3 days ago   ·  1
Ronja OttersboDo you have a before and after picture of your hog with "shitty hearing"?3 days ago   ·  3
Neeny ClarksonWell you found out eventually 😄 lol xx at least it wasnt sinister x3 days ago   ·  1
Narelle DavisYeah had a few of those myself. Poo much better than the alternative lol2 days ago
Lindsay SimmondsWell done Gill 😊3 days ago
Amy BamptonWhere's the puke button gone?! LOL2 days ago   ·  1
Rowena HaleyLol thank heavens it wasn't something sinister3 days ago
Shona DaviesOh bless xx3 days ago

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Whilst we're on the subject of food, slightly different issue here but this is the hedgehog that was fed for 3 weeks on jam sandwiches! We've managed to get the blockage cleared so that her bowels are now working properly and we've also managed to get her to lose a fair bit of weight but as you can see, there is still a long way to go.

She cannot curl up, that's the most she can manage and like that she has no protection from predators. She will be here and on a diet and exercise routine until she can disappear into a complete ball of spines.

Jam sandwiches, fairy cakes, fruit cake and Wagon Wheels are not a suitable diet or even a suitable treat.
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Ferenc Attila-ZoltanExercise routine? Explain / detail, I have a fat & lazy one as well. As you know our hogs are bigger, but still, he needs to lose about 200-300 grams. Some hogs just seem to pile on weight.3 days ago   ·  1
D.j. PattersonWhats the best thing to feed them on again?4 days ago   ·  1
Angela CrooksWhat weight is she?4 days ago
Mark MansonIt shows the importance of educating people about these creatures.4 days ago   ·  5
Debbie Nelsonhad the same a couple of years ago. an elederly lady had a female hog living under her summer house.. she was feeding her a whole can of cat food and dried food aswell every night. the hog ate the good and went back to sleep. no need to.do any walking about..she got so fat she also couldnt curl at all. feet hanging out!! thankfully no babies. she was probably to obese to conceive.. had to bring her back and put her in an enclosure with rock piles, logs etc and smear little bits of food about the place to make her work for her food. took a long time to get her back to a respectable weight. She was released into a national Trust property with another female and a male as the lady didnt want her back in her garden :$ . Hopefully they are still doing well. and having lots of little babies.. :)4 days ago   ·  6
Anne MartindaleJam sandwiches for hogs,omg I've heard it all now! Unbelievable, you wonder where people's brains are!!!!!!! COMMON SENSE TELLS YOU THAT SORT OF FOOD IS NOT GOOD FOR HOGS!!!!!3 days ago   ·  3
Natalie BeadleHi is Go Cat kitten food still good for hogs? The only chicken recipe i can find contains a small amount of milk. Already steer well clear of fish flavours.3 days ago
Rowena HaleyTo be honest I live next to a few old ladies and they are brilliant at feeding wildlife silly food I think it's cos they think it makes the animals/ birds their friends and because they've 'always done it' they just won't listen to reason and stop now it's very frustrating!! One old lady told me my husband was no gentleman and was not allowed in her garden again when he tried to explain to her what to feed hedgehogs on!! 😢3 days ago   ·  1
Nicki WardWho in their right mind feeds a hedgehog (or any other animal for that matter) jam sandwiches??!!3 days ago   ·  3
Mary PopeOMG !! What is wrong with people ?? Get educated- there's enough great info out there.4 days ago   ·  5
Helen BarboutisJam sandwiches this is a joke really I can't think that anyone would do that . On a positive they are educated now4 days ago   ·  3
Niki MooreHedgehogs are a bit like humans then, very susceptible to things which are not good for them......4 days ago   ·  3
Carrie WatersAre dry dog biscuits ok please? We think a hog is helping himself to our hounds supper occasionally!3 days ago   ·  1
Carolyn CarterWe know a couple who visit the local beach donkeys in their field and feed them biscuits and cakes!3 days ago
Jen CooksleyAre people that out of touch with wildlife, emphasis on wild! 😱4 days ago
Joanne ReaveyJam sandwiches???!!😵4 days ago
Heather KnowlesHow can people really be this stupid????4 days ago
Audrey ParrottTerrible4 days ago
Lucille ErcanAhh bless 💋4 days ago   ·  1
Gloria Jenkins MooreBless 💙2 days ago
Marnie MitchellWords fail me!3 days ago
Jacqui HarperPoor baby 😔4 days ago
Kirsty LoganPoor chubby girl.3 days ago
Janice MortonBet it hasn't done her teeth a lot of good either! 😣3 days ago
Lucy BrowneWTF is wrong is people???3 days ago

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We are getting a lot of hedgehogs coming in right now and some of them are in a bad way. One lady brought in this youngster saying he had been found collapsed on her lawn. Many of our finders tell us how they look after their hedgehogs and that gives us a clue to what could be wrong.

In this case she said she fed them daily on mealworms, peanuts and sunflower hearts, all the things we recommend you don't feed in any quantities for a number of reasons, calcium leeching being the worst issue but also the fact there is nothing crunchy to help clean their teeth.

Sure enough, there was blood was coming from this youngster's mouth. Infection had gone into his jaw and the bone was breaking down. If you don't believe what we tell you about food choices for these animals then please believe the pictures and if any of you are putting out sweet treats such as fairy cakes, fruit cake or, heaven help us, Wagon Wheels, please stop it immediately!

This little guy lost his life because people were trying to help in the wrong ways. Offer a balanced nutritious diet - Cat or hedgehog biscuits help keep teeth clean. Cat or dog meat is OK as long as it's not left out in warm weather. And water, plenty of fresh water - no milk ever no matter what your granny told you.
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Ashby de la ZouchI`ve made a hog cafe for a friend, complete with two bowls, bag of Whiskas and an "instruction manual" - he thought hedgehogs ate doughnuts ...4 days ago   ·  6
Daniel Másta NolanI'm abit shocked your saying mealworms ain't no good for them there full of goodness3 days ago
G Anne SmithI think I have a Fox visiting as well as hedgehogs. What can I put out for the Fox that will not harm the hedgehogs and visa versa.I have built a feeding station as the Fox ?? was taking all the food and the bowl4 days ago
Joy LeederCan you give them bananas I'm sure I have read somewhere that you can?4 days ago
Dan FordWagon wheels?!4 days ago
Jenny ForemanI built a feeding station for my hogs using a plastic lidded box (that cost about £3/4). I feed them dry cat biscuits (meat flavour only) and ensure there is plenty of fresh water around, some in the feeder, some dotted around the garden. I had 8 juvenile hoglets that I found in the feeder late last autumn that I rescued (as they were much too small to survive hibernation) and sought some help to have them cared for over the winter. All but one survived and have been released back into the garden. I think they are still close as the food gets eaten every night and there is definitely evidence of their presence! Im not sure I can post pictures of my homemade feeder but happy to share if anyone is interested?3 days ago   ·  7
Rachel Mhairi WoodI am sorry but .. sweet treats or waggon wheels .. they are bad for humans so why oh why would you think it's okay to feed a WILD animal .. use your brains !! Pretty simple .. do you see cakes or bananas naturally occurring around the British countryside .. NO !!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄3 days ago   ·  5
Vron ChesterI observe and leave them to forage as nature provides and has done for many years, if a hog looks undernourished or stressed I will get them checked out at rescue..1 day ago
Debbie DumontI have just watched country file where they met 3 young girls who are helping hedgehogs they were feeding them meal worms !!! Anyone else watch it tonight.6 hours ago   ·  1
Sarah FlanaganMight it be an idea to parcel up appropriate food and a dish with some instructions, for your event? If you need any help let me know xx4 days ago   ·  1
Fiona DuttonWagon wheels thats unbelievable how anyone could think thats what a wild animal should be eating. Killing them with kindness I think.4 days ago   ·  1
Lucy BrowneMy mum has been feeding hers with mealworms, peanuts and sunflower seeds. I passed on to her your advice on food, and they're going to build a feeding station so that they can feed cat food (without their own cat eating it, which is why they don't do so now).3 days ago
Sam O'dellI have tried to follow your advice. I put dog food out with a handful of cat biscuit, semi-moist and mealworm mix. I don't give them anything sweet or fatty any more.3 days ago
Sarah JonesI give my resident hedgehog Gardman dry food from the pet shop. Only £4 for a big bag x4 days ago   ·  2
Donna WhiteI give them hedgehog nuggets and s few mealworms which should be okay Yes?4 days ago   ·  1
Samantha FloodIs there a poster to share on what to feed them that i can share??3 days ago   ·  3
Alex TaylorYou can buy insect based speciality hedgehog food for next to nothing, best to stick with that.3 days ago
Narelle DavisYou must feel like a parrot on repeat Gill. Poor hoggies. :(3 days ago
Sam MillottWell this has confused me, as I thought you shouldn't feed them cat biscuits and that it's poisonous to them 🤔3 days ago
Sandra WebbCat food.. & ready mixed hog food from pet shop.. that's all I put out3 days ago
Lucy WainwrightSharon Holmes, just what we've been talking about! Get them cat biscuits 😃2 days ago
Cathy DoddI found a hog eating stale wholemeal bread put out for birds, when there was hog food in his bowl.3 days ago
Va LentinaIgnorance is not an excuse nowadays4 days ago   ·  2
Ann BoydShared with forth Hedgehog hospital4 days ago   ·  1
Jackie GillespieWet Cat or dog food3 days ago   ·  1

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One very hot anaemic hog chilling out in the intensive care unit. ... See MoreSee Less

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Melanie Richenswhat's happened?5 days ago
Cari JonesSuch long legs!5 days ago   ·  2
Marcia GilbertPoor prickle baby. Get well .bless xxxx5 days ago   ·  1
Sarah Leaton Chuter SpakeReally hope he gets better. He's in the best place!4 days ago
Barbara Gildergood luck with him..i hope your care does the trick5 days ago
Gloria Jenkins Moore💙5 days ago
Carol EvansAwwwww, xxx5 days ago
Linda CollierPoor little baby, wish him well.5 days ago

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