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Musings of a fraught rescue up to their armpits in poo

We have just found out that the M4 between Theale and Newbury is going to be closed for 3 days and they will be rerouting all the traffic past us. It is therefore going to be near impossible to get to us from Friday until late Monday morning unless you are local and can walk.

Have we been given any warning of this? No.

If you find an injured hedgehog over the weekend please follow the emergency advice on our web site, then take the animal to your nearest vet if it's badly injured or screaming or keep it warm and quiet until you can get to us on Monday.
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A few weeks ago we took in two large juveniles from Windsor, both had ringworm, one had mange as well. He promptly lost all his spines and a large part of his fur.

Once treated the spines started to return. If you look carefully on his back in the second photo you can see the tips just poking through amongst the old ones that were still hanging in there.

He is now completely covered with lovely new shiny spines and you'd never know there was anything wrong with him. Ready to go home soon with his brother.
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Ann StratfordGreat work Gill. If at any time you have a couple that need a new homes we are able as usual to help out. We have others in the garden and under the watchful eye of a camera. Regards Annie & John2 hours ago
Jayne HanksBrilliant job...well done all concerned7 minutes ago
Marcia GilbertBrilliant6 hours ago
Charlotte BeyerFantastic work!2 hours ago
Mary MorganWonderful1 hour ago
Valerie Ann MartinGreat work.10 hours ago
Jill AllenThat's amazing x well done10 hours ago
Zoe EganFantastic. Thank you X11 hours ago
Mark MansonWell well well done!11 hours ago

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We keep being told about people picking up hedgehogs and moving them to new places as they believe the area they are currently in is unsuitable. STOP IT! Stop it now.

If you move these animals to somewhere you think is great but there are no hedgehogs already (have you done any research?) then you are condemning them to death, not saving them.

If you are worried about a population of hedgehogs then BEFORE you do anything, speak to whoever is causing the problem. Ask them to stop or at least adjust what they are doing and if they refuse, then talk to a hedgehog expert, get their advice before acting.

We appreciate you are trying to help but you may be making things much worse. If the area you are moving them to is suitable there will be hedgehogs there already, if there aren't then there is a good reason why there aren't and you need to get that fixed BEFORE you transfer hogs there.
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Charlotte RobertsWould it be ok to share this on my page please? As this is really good info x1 day ago   ·  2
Denise McKillenIf its in the road at night then yes please make sure its safe but if its in daylight the hog is ill so please pick up and call a rescue x14 hours ago   ·  1
Ann FitzGibbonSound advice. Some people just don't know and don't mean any harm.10 hours ago
Gregory BishopShared to " Hedgehogs in Sudbury and Long Melford" FBGroup and rescue. Thanks !!!21 hours ago
Yvonne McCannShared on hedgehog rescue dublin.10 hours ago   ·  2
Peter John Altofthope it's ok to move them off the road15 hours ago   ·  1
Jen LuscombeShared in South Lakes21 hours ago

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Basingstoke George, the hog that was stuck in a bush, has been checked, pronounced fine, given a good talking to about proper hedgehog protocol and sent home. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lou CostelloJust delivered George to his garden :)2 days ago   ·  3
Grace GarveyPoor George it could happen to anyone....2 days ago   ·  1
Michelle J BrownLet's hope he listened 😂 x2 days ago   ·  1
Hilary WharrieBless him - little chunk :)2 days ago
Mary PopeStay safe, George !2 days ago
Caroline TredinnickGood news X2 days ago
Joan BroughtonMade me laugh , I hope he listened22 hours ago

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Elena Ilicare they just lovely?? or is it just me ?? xxxxxxxxxxx2 days ago   ·  7
Ferenc Attila-ZoltanBusy spring :D2 days ago   ·  2
Elizabeth FranklinLovely, we've got one back in our garden this year, hoping to see more ....1 day ago
David WylesLovely hogs23 hours ago
Susan BradwickLove em xxx13 hours ago

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