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Musings of a fraught rescue up to their armpits in poo

My most hated mornings are those where you have to take the decision that enough is enough and one of the animals is beyond help. The poor boy has so much wrong with him all we could do was make him comfortable and then give him a peaceful passing.

The real no-hopers are always the ones that tear your heart to pieces.
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Joanna PollingJust had to make that decision for one of my precious sheep. Well, decision wasn't hard, it was doing it that breaks me every time.2 days ago   ·  4
Sarah ÂûThank you for shouldering the burden and trying to save all you come across . Giving him a peaceful final sleep was a kindness he would've been denied if left .2 days ago   ·  8
Shaun WiltshireBut, think of the many of hundreds that are still alive, well and living that you have nurtured back to good health and freedom xx1 day ago   ·  2
Pauline CloadWhat is worse still is that it was so unnecessary due to the way he was 'treated' (or not treated) over the last few months... :(2 days ago   ·  1
Tracy MastersSure you would have tried as hard a physically possible to help the little one. Unfortunately it's not possible sometimes to save everyone, but thank you for trying. X1 day ago
Sue HooperI had to do the same this morning. I concur with your words.2 days ago   ·  2
Lillian FreemanIt takes a very special person to make such a decision - you need courage, empathy and compassion all at the same time. It's so hard.2 days ago   ·  2
Sheila DearnsBut without you he would have died anyway. At least this way he was safe and someone cared.2 days ago   ·  2
Mary EvansThank you for being there to give him a kind and peaceful end to his suffering.2 days ago   ·  1
Jackie DigbySometimes it is the kindest act to end their suffering. At the end, they know love. And I agree, it is the hardest thing to do.1 day ago   ·  1
Sue AndersonAt least we have that choice with our animals although it is SO hard.14 hours ago
Robin Dile CuneoSo, so sorry, but the universe thanks you.2 days ago   ·  1
Tracey StevensonIt never gets easier, does it <32 days ago
Susan McGarry1 day ago
Gloria Jenkins Moore😢💜2 days ago
Dominique Frances😢1 day ago
Jackie Steed😞2 days ago

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We still have animals arriving even though it's winter and most people expect them to be hibernating. Today we had two poor little lumps in from Windsor, both heaving with ringworm and mange, and the little girl has a very swollen back leg, possibly fractured.

If you see a hedgehog with very sparse spines and white flaky skin, wear gloves, put the hog into a box that can be thrown away, and get it to a rescue fast. You can see this one has already got split and bleeding skin, if infection gets in he will be in trouble and in warm weather he would be covered in maggots in no time.

We can treat them if you get them to us before it's gone too far.
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Rachel BrownWould be interesting to see other pix of hogs with ringworm.. just from a learning perspective..2 weeks ago
Mark MansonMost people see a cute hog. You see the worst and offer care and comfort. So amazing....Wish the hoggies could talk!2 weeks ago   ·  4
Abbi SaxbyPoor hog :( I've seen plenty of poop about today so they're definitely waking up around here!2 weeks ago
Deryn HagemannPoor little things. I didn't realise they got mange. Toni Bunnell look at this poor hedgehog :-(2 weeks ago
Wendy MorrisPoor thing ! You do a great job.2 weeks ago   ·  2
Michelle CollettAww poor mite. Ive not seen any for a while in my garden but will keep an eye out.2 weeks ago
Bridget ChambersHope they both get on ok 💕2 weeks ago   ·  1
Marcia GilbertPoor little baby.i hope they survive.😢2 weeks ago
David WylesYou people are fantastic2 weeks ago
Elena Ilicok. thank you for info and all the hard work that you do xx2 weeks ago
Rowena HaleyPoor little poppet do hope you can save him2 weeks ago
Lilian El-Doufanibless you for what you do.2 weeks ago
Chrissie BudgeWell done again Gill x2 weeks ago
Ferenc Attila-ZoltanYou'll fix them. They got lucky.2 weeks ago
Gloria Jenkins Moore💜2 weeks ago
Karen KeetleyShared!1 week ago

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