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Musings of a fraught rescue up to their armpits in poo

We still have animals arriving even though it's winter and most people expect them to be hibernating. Today we had two poor little lumps in from Windsor, both heaving with ringworm and mange, and the little girl has a very swollen back leg, possibly fractured.

If you see a hedgehog with very sparse spines and white flaky skin, wear gloves, put the hog into a box that can be thrown away, and get it to a rescue fast. You can see this one has already got split and bleeding skin, if infection gets in he will be in trouble and in warm weather he would be covered in maggots in no time.

We can treat them if you get them to us before it's gone too far.
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Rachel BrownWould be interesting to see other pix of hogs with ringworm.. just from a learning perspective..6 days ago
Mark MansonMost people see a cute hog. You see the worst and offer care and comfort. So amazing....Wish the hoggies could talk!6 days ago   ·  3
Abbi SaxbyPoor hog :( I've seen plenty of poop about today so they're definitely waking up around here!6 days ago
Deryn HagemannPoor little things. I didn't realise they got mange. Toni Bunnell look at this poor hedgehog :-(6 days ago
Wendy MorrisPoor thing ! You do a great job.6 days ago   ·  2
Michelle CollettAww poor mite. Ive not seen any for a while in my garden but will keep an eye out.6 days ago
Bridget ChambersHope they both get on ok 💕6 days ago   ·  1
Marcia GilbertPoor little baby.i hope they survive.😢6 days ago
David WylesYou people are fantastic6 days ago
Elena Ilicok. thank you for info and all the hard work that you do xx6 days ago
Rowena HaleyPoor little poppet do hope you can save him6 days ago
Lilian El-Doufanibless you for what you do.6 days ago
Chrissie BudgeWell done again Gill x6 days ago
Ferenc Attila-ZoltanYou'll fix them. They got lucky.6 days ago
Gloria Jenkins Moore💜6 days ago
Karen KeetleyShared!5 days ago

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JustGiving website takes more than £20m a year
Just in case any of you have seen this in the papers, rest assured we don't use them or Virgin Money. I refuse to use a large chunk of our donations on a set-up fee or a monthly subscription, especially as they then take a much higher percentage of the donations.

Instead we use BT MyDonate who don't take a penny. We get 100% of what you give and they collect Gift Aid for us if you are a UK tax payer. Their staff are paid from BT profits so the charities don't lose out.

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The firm takes a cut of more than 6 per cent from almost every donation. Accounts show more than £10million last year went on staff costs. Pictured: The Managing Director and Co-founder.

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Narelle DavisHmm wonder if the "givealittle" our equivalent here in NZ takes the same. Hope not. :(2 weeks ago
Andy McNiffThat 200,000 salary is much less than the amount bosses of major charities earn. It is totally scandalous.2 weeks ago
Marie E. BryanJust made a small donation in thanks for the work you do and for the alert about JustGiving!2 weeks ago
Jay RichardsonNo wonder they both look happy2 weeks ago
Mark MansonShame won't use anymore2 weeks ago
Teresa M Wright:-(2 weeks ago
Toni JonesLisa Ashdown2 weeks ago   ·  1
Chloe Caroline CookeKaren Natasha!1 week ago

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This is what happens when people get animals to a rescue in time for us to help them.

This is Audrey who arrived in time and was treated. Look at her now! Well done Shaun!
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Alison MoodWe've got another collection started. I'll be in touch when it's grown enough to hand over2 weeks ago   ·  1
Ferenc Attila-ZoltanLooks to be well rounded :D2 weeks ago   ·  1
Karen KeetleyShared!2 weeks ago   ·  1
Maria RzemienieckaGorgeous 😍😍2 weeks ago   ·  1
Gloria Jenkins Moore💙2 weeks ago   ·  1
Ailie HillGorgeous girlie... xx2 weeks ago
Frank TettWell done. One more saved!2 weeks ago
Jackie AltojackLovely plump belly = contentment xx2 weeks ago
Hazel MunroCutie!2 weeks ago
Angie Marr2 weeks ago
Matt CollinsNick Phelan2 weeks ago   ·  1

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